Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi, Founder and Visionary, Tanweer Sacred Music Festival Image Credit: Supplied,

Sharjah: Some of the “biggest names in world music” will descend upon the “mystical” desert of Maliha region in Sharjah for the inaugural ‘Tanweer Sacred Music Festival’ from November 24 to 26.

Envisioned by Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi, the Festival invites everyone to “discover the secrets of ancient cultures” through a programme featuring musicians, immersive art installations, an indigenous craft market, cuisines, as well as mind and body wellness activities and workshops by “renowned masters”.

Announcements about tickets and other updates will be posted on the event’s website.

The 100 million year old “archaeological wonder” this is Maliha - a recipient of TripAdvisor’s prestigious ‘traveller’s choice’ award for the sixth consecutive year - provides the backdrop for this cultural celebration, and organisers said all steps are being taken to protect the environmental impact on the mountain and desert landscape during the experience.

‘Harmonious coexistence’

Sheikha Bodour’s vision extends to making the festival “a beacon of eco-consciousness, proving that large-scale events can coexist harmoniously with our planet”. As “pioneers in sustainable music festivals”, Tanweer aims to protect the ancestral land of Maliha and conserve its natural ecosystem.

Sheikha Bodour, founder and visionary of the Festival, said: “Tanweer’s aim is to rediscover and celebrate our ancient wisdom through the beauty of culturally rich music – music that evokes our global heritage and preserves our customs. Tanweer, which translates to enlightenment, symbolises a gathering of minds and hearts.”

She added: “We extend an open invitation to all those seeking deeper connections, mindfulness, a journey into the past, or simply a moment of presence. Tanweer is a festival that celebrates our shared humanity, inviting everyone to join us in embracing moments of profound unity.”

The global music performances that will take centre stage will be enhanced by laser projection mapping projected onto the dunes and mountains — creating a visual and auditory spectacle. Also available will be “mindful activities” such as yoga, breathwork meditation and Zikr (Remembrance).