Saif Al Neyadi (right) and Sultan Al Neyadi
UAE astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi (left) and his father Saif Al Neyadi. Image Credit: X | @DXBMediaOffice | Screengrabs

Dubai: As the nation celebrates the successful space mission made by UAE Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi, no one can be prouder of him than his parents.

Marking his historic return from a six-month mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS), his father Saif Al Neyadi turned the surging national pride and his personal joy into verses that resonate deeply with every Emirati.

In a poignant poetic tribute, Saif illustrated his son's journey through the cosmos.

Sultan Al Neyadi has indeed become a beacon of national pride, a sentiment beautifully encapsulated in his father's poetic words, offering a heartfelt welcome from each home in the UAE: “Welcome back, bearing joy anew. A hearty welcome, from each home to you.”

Heartfelt ode

The poem paints a vivid picture of Sultan as a beacon of courage, echoing the sentiment that Sultan is not only his exemplary son but also a glowing emblem of national pride: "Sultan, what an exemplary son you've become! The nation beams with pride, its heart thrum,” Saif stated.

The heartfelt ode applauds Sultan's relentless determination. The poetic lines resonate deeply with the sentiments echoing across every Emirati home, encapsulating the collective pride and joy at this monumental achievement: “Oh lion, your achievements resound with might, in service to your country, you've lit the night.”

Proud mother

The astronaut's mother, deeply moved by her son's accomplishment, expressed her heartfelt gratitude: "Sultan has brought immense pride to our family and our nation with his achievements.

“This would not have been possible had it not been for the guidance and support of our wise leaders who paved the way for success. May Allah bless them with health and a long life.”

Lost for words

Adding to the family's joyous sentiments, Mariam Al Neyadi, Sultan's sister, said that words fell short to describe the happiness and pride experienced during Sultan’s successful mission. Sharing the nation's anticipation, she noted, "I’m sure that our feelings are the same as that of every Emirati home waiting for the return of Sultan."

This historic mission, which concluded with a successful splashdown off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida, has indeed brought immense pride and joy to the UAE.

As the nation welcomes back its hero, this poetic tribute from a father to a son adds a personal, touching chapter to this national success story, showcasing a familial bond strengthened through stellar achievements.

National pride

During his tenure on the International Space Station (ISS) that lasted six months, Al Neyadi not only set records but also carried out pioneering scientific experiments that serve both humanity and the scientific community.

These achievements further bolster the UAE's growing stature in the global space sector.

His uncle Ali Al Neyadi is equally filled with joy and pride. Reflecting his admiration for Sultan, also he penned a poem celebrating the astronaut's feats and echoing the sentiments of an entire nation inspired by the space explorer's journey.

Sultan Neyadi HERO RETURNS
Image Credit: Vijith Pulikkal | Gulf News


Al Neyadi completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering (ECE) from the University of Brighton, his master’s degree in Information Technology from Griffith University in Australia in 2008, before he started his career as a Network Security Engineer for the UAE Armed Forces, a job that took him to visit over 20 countries.

Al Neyadi’s father, Saif Al Neyadi, has served in the military. In his footsteps, Al Neyadi too joined the UAE Armed Forces upon his return from the UK.

In 2012, he returned to Australia, obtaining a PhD in Information Technology (Data Leakage Prevention) and also published six research papers.

In 2017, when the UAE Astronaut Programme was launched, Al Neyadi – along with Hazzaa Al Mansoori – surpassed 4,000 candidates to prove his mettle for the UAE’s first space mission.