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Ramadan decoration at City Walk in Dubai Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Dubai: Decorative lights for Ramadan are adding to the night-time ambience of the holy month in Dubai. Landmarks, streets, shops and even trees are lit up by the installations. Gulf News toured key districts in Dubai to explore the dazzling displays.

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Meena Bazaar

The streets of Meena Bazaar are quiet in Ramadan until an hour before Maghrib, the sunset prayer when the fast ends. As the sun approached the horizon, the area comes alive with shoppers. The lights switch on and small cafeterias start laying out snacks in displays on the streets for passers-by and shopkeepers to buy for iftar, the meal taken to end the day’s fast. The mosques in the area meanwhile busily hand out iftar meals. Worshippers line up at the mosques to pray and collect their iftar packs. Following Maghrib, the buzz returns to the Bazaar.

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Meena Bazaar comes alive at nights during Ramadan Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

“For years we have enjoyed this tradition at Meena Bazaar. It is a month of sharing and giving and it is truly visible here at Meena Bazaar. We share and care for one another,” said Dubai resident Arif Khanwala.

Dubai Festival City

At Dubai Festival City we are greeted by Ramadan lights as part of the mall’s ‘Imagine Ramadan’ projection. One can enjoy stunning displays of Ramadan themes such as the crescent moon and star.

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Crescent moons and lit up trees are common sights at Festival City mall Image Credit: Clint Egbert/Gulf News

“We love to visit the Dubai Festival City during Ramadan. It is so full of life and positivity. There are kids’ activities, items are on sale for shoppers. It is so festive here every time during Ramadan,” said Asil Al Fadi, who was visiting the mall with her two children.

She added: “We are also trying to make the best use of the weather. The evenings are pleasant and we love to be out for iftar.”

Expo City Dubai

Besides the daily cannon firing at Expo City Dubai at Maghrib, the venue is teeming with Ramadan activities. An elaborate iftar is displayed next to the water feature there. It is part of the Expo City’s ongoing celebrations for the holy month titled ‘Hai Ramadan.’

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Hai Ramadan Souq at Expo City Dubai Image Credit: Anas Thacharpadikkal/Gulf News

“We come often to see the cannon firing at Expo City. The children get super excited,” said Shahida Begum who was at the Expo with her family. “We have also tried the iftar here and it was well worth the experience.”

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Al Seef

At Al Seef, there is ‘Ramadan Art Nights & Lights’ happening every night. From fireworks, live music, Ramadan quiz nights, glamorous light installations, to a Ramadan street market, Al Seef is set for the entire month.

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Al Seef during Ramadan Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

Ivan Stanley said he loves to hang out at Al Seef during Ramadan. “It is so cultural in its theme. The place really lights up for Ramadan and it feels so festive. I have been enjoying the live music and shopping displays here.”

As part of Dubai’s ‘Ramadan Fireworks Nights’ there will be a firework display on April 1 at The Beach, Bluewaters Island and JBR. There will be a fireworks show at Al Seef on April 8 and at Dubai Festival City Mall on April 15.