Dubai Customs banquet for senior citizens in Ramadan 2022
The initiative is part of a Ramadan campaig called ‘Blessed Days’ launched by Dubai Customs as part of its social commitments Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Customs in cooperation with Community Development Authority (CDA) in Dubai recently organised a ‘Customs Banquet’ initiative for senior citizens to mark Ramadan. More than 30 senior citizens were invited, along with the employees and members of the Ghayath Volunteer Team, who attended the banquet.

The event came in line with enhancing social cohesion and in appreciation of the elders’ contribution to building society. The guests were received with a warm welcome and during the event they enjoyed communicating with the employees in a family atmosphere.

The initiative is part of a Ramadan campaign called ‘Blessed Days’, launched by Dubai Customs as part of its social commitments.

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Dubai Customs encourages more communication and interaction with senior citizens through visits and meetings in order to appreciate what they have provided in building this country. The initiative was also an opportunity for employees to communicate and strengthen social relations during Ramadan. At the end of the event, gifts were distributed.