Maj Gen Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri honored policeman Mustafa Awad Yehia, from Traffic Department in Dubai Police, in the presence of Yehia’s son. Image Credit: Dubai Police

Dubai: A policeman was honoured and promoted by Dubai Police for his heroic role in arresting two African thieves who stole a taxi.

Mustafa Awad Yehia from the Traffic Department in Dubai Police, was patrolling at Al Wahda street in Dubai when the command room alerted all patrols about a taxi being stolen. The policeman said that he was monitoring all taxis passing by, when he spotted the wanted vehicle. “I followed the taxi and cut the road in front of the two African thieves. I took all precautionary measures and arrested the pair,” said Yehia.

The policeman approached the vehicle, turned off the engine and took the keys before arresting the two thieves. “They were taken unawares and I handcuffed them,” the policeman added.

Major General Abdullah Khalifa Al Merri, Commander-In-Chief of Dubai Police, directed that Yehia be promoted for his bravery. He praised the policeman and honoured him in the presence of his son.

“What Yehia did was outstanding. His quick response helped identify the stolen vehicle. He followed the thieves and arrested them. He did his job in a professional way as Dubai Police ensures safety for all the people living in the emirate,” said Major General Al Merri.

The policeman thanked the commander-in-chief for his gesture.