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People across the world are moving towards dairy alternatives for a variety of reasons such as health benefits and allergies as well as reduction of their impact on the planet. In fact, one in three Britons drink plant-based milks only, a trend that’s being adopted globally. Whatever your reason, one thing’s certain – there’s a plethora of plant-based milks in every supermarket. But how do you navigate the tricky segment of non-dairy milk?

There are a variety of non-dairy options available in the market – almond milk, oat milk, cashew milk, rice milk, coconut milk and more. As consumers, we are spoiled for choice. But what’s right for you? Are you getting the same nutrition as you do from regular dairy milk? Well, let’s just say that most other plant milks come without the plant power.

Pikoo produces plant-based milks that are made with natural ingredients and fortified with calcium and added vitamins. Hence the tag line No Nasties, Just Tasty. The Pikoo Barista M*lk is perfect if you are looking to avoid lactose and be kind to the planet.

Focus on functional drinks

Not just milk, but going a step further, Pikoo has introduced a range of cold brew coffee in a bottle when you are on the go. Its coffee has been cold brewed for over 20 hours and blended with its barista oat milk. Hence, you have the goodness of coffee blended with a creamy dairy alternative. Grab a cold brew and feel refreshed in the summer months. Pikoo’s Cold Brews come in four delicious flavours – Unsweetened, Classic, Mocha and Vanilla.

Focus on functional drinks