Hassan Mohammed Bin Al Shaikh
Hassan Mohammed Bin Al Shaikh Image Credit: X@DubaiChambers

Dubai: UAE businessman Hassan Mohammed Bin Al Shaikh, one of the pioneers of Dubai’s business and industrial sector, has passed away.

The late Hassan Bin Al Shaikha played a significant role in the emirate's commercial and industrial development. Known for his nobility, generosity, and magnanimity, he served as chairman of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry from 1997 to 2000.

He held the position of the chamber’s second vice-chairman from 1983 to 1997, during which he actively represented traders and addressed their concerns for 17 years.

He founded the Hassan Bin Al Shaikh Group of Industries (HBAS) in Dubai in 1959, which quickly evolved into a conglomerate of thriving industrial companies spanning diverse sectors. It specialised in the paper industry, sanitary consumables, plastic industries, and food industries, and expanded its portfolio to include real estate and general trading.

Under the umbrella of the group, a series of factories and companies operate, including prominent entities such as Hassan Bin Al Shaikh Food Industries, Hassan Bin Al Shaikh Paper Convert & Hygienic Disposables & Plastic, Hassan Bin Al Shaikh General Trading Company, Hassan Bin Al Shaikh Real Estate, Modern Printing Press and Modern Food Company.

Condolences pour in

Hassan Bin Al Shaikh dedicated his life to giving and actively contributed to Dubai's economic progress and business sector. Following his passing, several officials, business leaders and individuals who worked alongside him during his tenure expressed their condolences and praised his significant role in the Dubai Chamber and various economic sectors.

Diplomat and former ambassador Abdul Rahman Ghanem Al Mutaiwee, Chairman of Dubai Investments, said: "The late Hassan Bin Al Shaikh made significant contributions to the advancement of Dubai Chamber and various economic sectors, particularly the industrial domain, given his stature as an industrialist.”

He also played a pivotal role in fostering investment in the UAE and across the globe, while extending support to entrepreneurs and national enterprises, notably startups, Al Mutaiwee added.

Al Mutaiwee stressed that Bin Al Shaikh was a cherished and esteemed figure, respected by all, who never hesitated to undertake any initiative in the interest of Dubai or the Chamber. “His proposals played a significant role in Dubai's economic progress. Bin Al Shaikh was prompt in offering advice to traders and investors throughout his life,” he added.

Dr. Anwar Mohammed Gargash, Diplomatic Advisor to the UAE President, expressed his condolences for the late Bin Al Shaikh through his X account, saying: "We ask Allah Almighty to bless the virtuous man Hassan bin Sheikh with His mercy. He was my colleague on the Board of Directors of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and I had the privilege of working with him when he assumed its presidency. He was a generous, magnanimous, and noble character."

Businessman Dr. Ahmed Bin Hassan Al Shaikh mourned his father, saying: "How painful it is to hear that the heart of the most cherished loved one in this universe has stopped, and you will never hear from him again. The eyes shed tears, and the heart is filled with grief. Indeed, we are deeply saddened by his departure."

Continuing, he said, "Today, we bid farewell to our father Hassan Mohammed Bin Al Shaikh, is one of Dubai’s esteemed figures and builders. I ask Allah Almighty to shower His mercy upon him and grant him the highest place in paradise."