Mahzooz winners (from left): Muhammad and Sudarshan from India, and Reymund from the Philippines. They each won in the Triple 100 Raffle Draw on November 25. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Three expats were on Wednesday announced as the latest winners of Dh100,000 each in the weekly Mahzooz raffle draw.

They are Reymund from the Philippines, and Sudarshan and Muhammad from India, each of whom won in the Triple 100 Raffle Draw on November 25.

Reymund, a 36-year-old supervisor at a petrol station in Dubai, has been working in the UAE for the past six years.

The expat, who is single, was taken by surprise at the news of his win while he was still at work last Saturday evening. Reymund plans to settle his financial liabilities and fulfil his dream of establishing a grocery shop in his home country.

Additionally, he intends to treat himself to a new mobile phone, indulge in his passion for volleyball, and explore different cuisines with friends during his free time.

Wife’s wish

Another winner, Sudarshan, from Hyderabad, India, is a 43-year-old Research and Development Manager based in Ajman. Having been in the UAE for a little over a year, Sudarshan discovered Mahzooz through social media and started occasionally buying two lines per week.

Sudarshan was pleasantly surprised when he checked his email and found out about his win. Initially expecting a smaller amount, he was elated to discover the Dh100,000 raffle prize. With this windfall, Sudarshan plans to fulfill his wife’s wish for gold.

Helping mom

Mohammad, the third raffle winner, is a 37-year-old participant from India. Working in sales at an electronics store in Abu Dhabi, Mohammad’s win was a surprise revelation during a phone call from Mahzooz, waking him from his sleep.

As part of his plans, Mohammad wishes to take care of his disabled mom, donate to charity and gift the latest iPhone to his brother.