Seferino JR Cabrera Pestano, left, and Talal Tariq Khalil. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: As many as 10,559 winners shared a grand total of Dh690,342 in cash prizes in the last Emirates Draw.

Among the winners were Khalid Ali Jaffar Hassan, an Emirati Operational Manager and family man who won Dh25,000 in the FAST5 Raffle. His win with FAST5 will be used to clear debts and in investments. “I’m aiming for the MEGA7 Dh100 million Grand Prize. If I win, my aspiration is not to spend on luxury but to safeguard my six children’s future and support noble causes,” he said.

Another resident, Seferino JR Cabrera Pestano, who works as a Security Guard, also won Dh25,000 in the EASY6. Seferino’s wife and six-year-old daughter reside in the Philippines, and he dreams to bring them to the UAE for a better life. The draw win was a true blessing after his parents had suffered significant losses due to a typhoon in the Philippines. Sharing the news of his win with them brought much cheer to them.

“Every dirham brings me closer to giving my daughter the best education and rebuilding my parents’ lives,” he said.

Similarly, Nour Mohammad Ahmad Al Hadid, another winner, said, “I believe, my daughter’s birth date numbers were the reason behind my Dh25,000 win. I’m looking forward to a family vacation and hopefully, the Grand Prize in upcoming draws,” the winner shared.

Talal Tariq Khalil, an ambitious Motion Designer, sees his MEGA7 raffle win of Dh10,000 as the key to his parents’ dream home.

Grateful for their unwavering support, he reflects, “I dream of a home for my parents. This Dh10,000 win in the MEGA7 raffle is the first brick. I want to save the Dh10,000 for a rainy day, and I will keep playing for the Dh100 million Grand Prize with Emirates Draw, I believe that dream will soon be a reality.”