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Image Credit: Gulf News archives for illustrative purpose

Dubai: Following the horrific road accident along Mohamed Bin Zayed Road that intantly killed eight people and seriously injured six others early on Monday morning, we spoke to drivers to ask them about their experiences on the road.

Initial reports show the road horror was caused not leaving a safe distance and lack of attention to fast-changing road conditions, said traffic police.

The accident involved a collision between a mini bus and a truck on the Sharjah-bound lane, before Mirdif City Centre.

People Speak

Here's what motorists have to say about their experiences in the UAE:

Sakina Feroz Vajihi, 27, PR executive, Indian

One of the main causes of super reckless driving is the fact that people are always in a hurry to get to their destination. They are always speeding.

I think with the demanding work situation in the UAE, people are stressed out on the road. They are finalising meetings on the phone, looking for location pin on their phone and, not to mention, speeding.

All this obviously leads to accidents. I have done it also myself. But when I witnessed a string of accidents, I realised nothing is more important in this world other than your own life.

I have since stopped reckless driving and take my time to reach a place. I refuse to pick up calls while driving no matter how urgent it maybe. I stop on the side and take it instead. I wish more people would adhere to this.

Denise Bonnici, 40, home-maker, Australian

I have experienced some crazy drivers on the UAE roads, especially ones who are constantly on their mobile. They do not put on their indicator for some reason.

They are changing lanes without indicator and are forever texting while driving. How can accidents not happen then?

Last week, I saw a person holding his phone to the ear and driving with one hand.

It annoys and irritates me a lot.

The way to bring a positive change is make the rules more stringent. For example, when I came to the UAE, I never had to undergo a driving test. Maybe that is not right.

People then bring the rules of driving from their country to the UAE, which is not necessarily right. When you are living here in the UAE, you should follow the rules of this country. The government should make it mandatory for everyone to undergo a driving test.

Petra Walker, 52, an executive coach, British

Personally, more than once I have almost been pushed out of my lane by somebody wheeling through traffic in a big four wheeler. There are many drivers who are speeding and bullying us to move away from our lanes. They are squeezing into spaces that does not exist between cars, forcing other cars to break suddenly.

A good thing to do would be running a safety campaign in English, Arabic and Urdu. This will help a lot. The Dubai Police seem to be doing a lot to curb reckless driving in the UAE. What they should not do is waive fines and give discounts to reckless drivers. I would say penalize them for wrongful driving.

Darren Farrel, a senior executive at a private company, Irish

According to my experience on UAE roads, one of the main reasons for traffic accidents is people don’t pay attention to  their driving. They are forever looking at their phones. They have children behind jumping up and down. They are not belted up. All this can cause distraction. There is a complete lack of concentration and attention while driving. It is very dangerous. Also, don't forget the road bullies who change five lanes while speeding, and who sometimes forget to put their indicators on.