Dubai: Paramedics in Dubai were able to rescue a Nepalese man who attempted to jump from the fourth floor of his apartment in Karama.

An official at the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services (DCAS) said the operations room initially received a call, notifying authorities of the suicide bid.

Taleb Ghaloum Taleb, manager of DCAS, said: “An ambulance crew immediately moved to the nearest emergency point in Bur Dubai and arrived at the young man’s house in five minutes.”

Two paramedics, Shabi Kassem and Mark Tories, along with ambulance driver Rashid Hussain, then rushed to the man’s house to calm him down.

“As soon as the man saw the ambulance team, he quickly attempted to jump out of the window. But since the paramedics were expecting such a sudden reaction, they were able to react and grab the man by his feet,” said Taleb.

“Fortunately the man was light and easy to carry, and the three emergency responders were able to pull him to safety,” he said.

After receiving first aid, the distraught Nepalese man was transferred to Rashid Hospital.