Dubai Pakistan Consulate General in Dubai has warned its community members to beware of fund-raising scams as some groups are using the consulate's name to generate funds.

The warning came as the consulate officials were informed that some people are going door to door to raise funds for some charity organisations. They duped people using the consulate's name to collect donations.

"We have not authorised and never authorise any person or organisation to raise funds because it is an illegal practice in the UAE," said an official at the Pakistani Consulate in Dubai. He said people should not give any donation to such individuals because most of them are professional beggars and often come on visit visa's to make quick money, either by begging or by faking receipts of some charity organisations. "They fool innocent community people who give money out of sympathy," he added. People should discourage them and avoid giving any donations.


A similar issue was also brought to notice by a Gulf News reader Baqir Khawaja, a resident of Sharjah. He said that some people came to his doorsteps and asked for donation showing him a booklet and receipts for some welfare trust named "Markazi Anjuman Khidmat-e-Khalq Pakistan" (Organisation for serving the humanity).

"They told me that they were authorised to collect funds but failed to provide any letter or card to verify their claim," he added. They ran away as Khawaja threatened to call the police.