Pleasant drive. The new road that opened recently at Discovery Gardens Image Credit: Atiq ur Rehman/XPRESS

DUBAI After facing traffic bottle necks for years Discovery Gardens (DG) residents are breathing easy with the opening of a new exit.

Last month, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) opened the Al Thanya 5 road leading to the back of DG. “When you drive in from Shaikh Zayed Road, you have to take the left at the signal before the big mosque. This means one does not have to drive up to the mosque signal to enter DG and The Gardens area. This new exit has brought great relief to commuters. Earlier it would take me 45 minutes to reach my office in Media City. Now it barely takes 15 minutes,” said Rishi Talwalkar, a DG resident. “Until recently I would work late to beat the traffic. But not any more as the roads are clear throughout the day,” he added.

The opening of a road near Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel has also helped as it leads directly to Shaikh Zayed Road. “Ever since this exit opened the traffic situation has improved dramatically. I work in Bur Dubai and it used to take me an hour to reach my office. Now it takes me half an hour,” said another D.G resident Dr. Poonam Sharma.

“At one point I was contemplating leaving the community and finding a house elsewhere. Traffic snarls were a daily occurence. It was very frustrating, but of late the congestion has eased,” she added.