Muhammad (left) won Dh50,000 worth of gold coins, while Kristofer won Dh1 million in the latest Mahzooz raffle.

Dubai: The 143rd Mahzooz draws held on August 27, 2023, unfolded a plethora of remarkable victories, many of which, are not scored the first time.

The spotlight shone brightly on Kristofer, a 36-year-old UK expatriate and a distinguished name in the local professional football landscape.

Kristofer has found a home for himself and his family in Dubai over the past eight years, and this week, his fame took on a new dimension as his raffle ID was picked up in the Mahzooz raffle draw which led to an astounding victory – a Dh1,000,000 goal ($272,251).

This is not the first time Kristofer wins with Mahzooz, as he has been fortunate 12 times in the past.

Kristofer, who works in the oil and gas supply chain industry and is a father of two children aged 9 and 11, has not yet informed his family of his millionaire status as he is still adapting to his sudden windfall. “Every week, I take part in Mahzooz draws, because you can’t win if you’re not in it,” reveals Kristofer.

Yet, Kristofer’s story was not the sole tale of triumph to unfold this week. Seng-Boon, a long-term and loyal participant, etched his name once again onto Mahzooz’s winners’ league. Having experienced grand victory in 2021 with the second prize of Dh1,000,000, he rejoined the ranks of new winners, this time sharing the AED 200,000 with 19 other fortunate participants.

Second-time lukcy

Seng-Boon, a Singaporean expat who partly won the second prize of Dh200,000 in the same draw, had also won the second prize of Dh1,000,000 previously as part of Mahzooz’s old prize structure in 2021. “The feeling of winning again after being made a millionaire in 2021 is surreal. Mahzooz has changed my life in so many ways, which is why I continued to participate, and I’m delighted to have won again”, says Seng-Boo.

Gold coins

Completing this trio of triumphs was Muhammad, a 39-year-old expat from Pakistan who works in sales. His determination and continued participation bore fruit at Mahzooz’s fourth golden summer draw, granting him a shining reward – Dh50,000 worth of 22 karat gold coins.

How to join

For only Dh35, participants can purchase a bottle of Mahzooz water, and enter the weekly draw every Saturday consisting of the Grand Draw, for a chance to win the new top prize of Dh20 million and the weekly Raffle Draw, which will grant Dh1 million every week to a GUARANTEED millionaire-to-be.

Those desiring to partake in Mahzooz Golden draw still have one last opportunity to do so as the 5th golden draw will take place on September 2nd, giving participants a chance to win an additional gleaming and guaranteed prize of Dh50,000 in gold coins.

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About Mahzooz:

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