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Patients and healthcare workers offering Friday prayer at Burjeel Medical City in Abu Dhabi Image Credit:

Abu Dhabi: On the first Friday working day following the recent weekend transition announcement in the UAE, a private hospital in Abu Dhabi has introduced a model to enable all healthcare workers and patients to offer Friday prayers in the hospital.

Burjeel Medical City, located at Abu Dhabi’s Mohamed Bin Zayed City, witnessed a special gathering of patients, doctors, nurses, administrative staff, and senior management members, who came together for the congregational prayer. The prayers were organised with the support of the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments (Awqaf), and an imam from Awqaf led the Friday prayer at the hospital.

Special arrangments

The hospital also ensured special arrangements for room-bound patients, and more than 20 patients undergoing treatment in the hospital joined the prayers. Patients undergoing long-term care at ‘Burjeel Darak’ came to the prayer area in a wheelchair with the support of hospital staff and bystanders. The whole arrangement also ensured social distancing and other safety protocols.

“The New Year has started with a new weekend pattern in the UAE. We welcome the first working Friday with warmth and joy. The arrangement in the hospital helped us to offer our prayers smoothly. Also praying with our guest patients is also a new experience,” said Sadir Alrawi, the hospital’s chief executive officer.

Permanent feature

“We are planning to continue this special arrangement for Friday prayers in the hospital in the coming weeks as well. Eventually, it will turn into a permanent system for the visitors, patients, bystanders, and our staff. We extend our thanks to Awqaf for its guidance and support,” he added.

The patients and their family members also thanked the hospital authorities for the novel arrangement in the hospital.

“The new weekend transition gave us this opportunity. Normally, long-term patients won’t get a chance to take part in the prayers. However, the special arrangement at the hospital has enabled us to attend the congregational prayer. It means a lot to us. We appreciate the gesture of the management for initiating this,” said Abdul Rahim Awad Elkarim Mustafa Mohamed, a patient undergoing treatment in the hospital.