The DHA asks people to work together in new video on Instagram
The DHA asks people to work together in new video on Instagram Image Credit: Instagram/@dha_dubai screenshot

Dubai: “Good days are coming,” says Dubai Health Authority (DHA) in latest Instagram video post, and encourages people to “work together” to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Recently, the Dubai Health Authority has been quite active on Instagram and has shared directives and information for UAE residents to follow amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Video message to “work together”

They uploaded a video message from their official Instagram handle @dha_dubai, with the caption: “We may have missed a lot of things. Good days are coming, so let's work together to achieve what we missed.”

The video contrasts things that residents staying at home “probably” miss, with what doctors and healthcare professionals miss, since they are away from their families and are at the frontline in the fight against COVID-19.

The video urges residents to “work together” with each other, and with doctors, so that everyone can go back to their daily routines and spend time outside, at the beach, travelling and meeting friends and family.

Online reactions on video

The video was well received and Instagram users praised the message given to the public.

Instagram user @findingdorita posted: “Beautiful message!! Yes. Let's do this.”

User @alialessa92 posted: “We are all committed.”

And @traveljunkiediary posted: “Such an important and hopeful message - thank you.”