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Dubai: Health authorities in the UAE have issued a warning against nine brands of weight-loss pills that are banned in the country.

The diet pills contained the dangerous sibutramine ingredient, and although they are prohibited from being sold in UAE shops and pharmacies, have been resurfacing the market through online stores. 

•  Banned: Antibiotics pulled from UAE shelves
•  Do not use these dietary supplements, medicines
•  Watch out for these if you are bringing medicines to UAE

Weight-loss supplements that contain sibutramine are banned in the UAE and many countries around the world after a number of studies linked the ingredient with an increase in heart attacks and strokes. 

The updated list of banned supplements in the UAE include:

  1. Dila Diet pills
  2. Biotech Fat Attack capsules
  3. Phil Diet regimen
  4. Cani Slim
  5. Perfect Slim
  6. Slim Perfect Legs
  7. 7 Day Slim
  8. Cani Cap Arm Slim
  9. Cani Slim Balance

The Department of Health also issued warning against 378 weight loss supplements, which were mainly manufactured in China and Hong Kong.

Residents were cautioned not to purchase these illegal products, which are sold online as herbal products as they pose a serious health risk and can lead to serious complications.

The public can check if the medication is certified by checking the Ministry of Health approved medicine list (available on MoH website), Dubai Drug Coding List and the Health Authority Abu Dhabi list.