food testing laboratory
Dubai Municipality’s first mobile smart food testing laboratory is stationed at Gate 5 of the Global Village. Image Credit: Dubai municipality

Dubai: Dubai Municipality plans to roll out a mobile food testing lab at major events to ensure the health of visitors, officials said on Saturday.

The municipality has launched the first mobile smart food testing laboratory at Global Village to ensure food safety through instant testing.

Khalid Sharif Al Awadi, CEO of Environment, Health and Safety at Dubai Municipality, launched the mobile lab at Gate 5.


food samples can be tested by the mobile lab weekly

Al Awadi said: “The lab aims to cover the major events in Dubai and test the ready-made foods because their validity is short. The lab can test 100-150 food samples weekly. It has been equipped with modern devices and machines to test microbial pollutants in food. In addition, the work in the lab is done in smart ways that do not use papers and saves time and effort in the process of food testing. Through this laboratory, the result of the test can be issued in less than three days, depending on the type of food and some test results can be announced within 48 hours.”

He added that the municipality will study the mobile smart lab experience with an aim to increase such labs in the future, adding that the Smart Lab is a major driver in enhancing the food safety system in the emirate of Dubai as it is being used for the first time at Global Village.


needed to announce test results of some types of food

Al Awadi said the municipality has a long history of monitoring food and beverages offered at the restaurants and stalls at Global Village.

He added that a “distinguished” group of inspectors has been selected based on several criteria, the most important of which is the extensive experience in food inspection and good treatment of shop owners and the public at Global Village.

“Our guests are at the core of our operations and the main driver of our operations. We are keen, in each season, to strengthen our strategic partnership with the various government departments and authorities to enhance the comfort of our guests and provide them with the best experience when visiting us,” said Badr Anouhy, CEO of Global Village.

“We are delighted to be the first leisure destination in the country hosting the Smart Lab, as a quality addition to our collaboration and partnership with Dubai Municipality, aiming to enhance the food safety of millions of our guests.”