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Smiles have superpowers. Like the old song that says, “When you’re smiling, the whole world smiles with you.” Among the many benefits of a smile, research says, smiling makes you look younger than you actually are. People with frowns on their faces are usually perceived to be older. A smile provides you with a mini-facelift. It turns up the corners of your mouth and raises your entire face, including the cheeks, jowls, and neck. Smiling also elevates your mood and creates a sense of well-being.

Dr Marwan Al-Obeidi, Medical Director, Micris Dental Clinic, says a smile is a gateway to the soul. “It is a personalised expression of your emotions. Not only is it one of your most noticeable features, but it also acts as a tool to create a long-lasting impression within seconds of meeting someone new.”

Not confident to smile?

Many people lose the confidence to smile as they are insecure of their teeth. They often try to hide their smile with their lips. It can be perceived as a sign of unhappiness or showing a lack of confidence. Insecurities or even shyness during photo sessions or while meeting new people can have a negative effect. This can, however, be set right with timely medical intervention. Fortunately, there are dentists are at hand to help create a smile that is unique to you and your personality and help you show it off to the world! “Sometimes even the simplest treatment can change the patient’s confidence in himself or herself,” says Dr Al-Obeidi.

The team at Micris Dental Clinic provides cosmetic dentistry services that deliver a trusted smile makeover Image Credit: Supplied

The power of a smile

Cosmetic dentists don’t only focus on the teeth to design a new, unique, and natural-looking smile for patients. They also look into the details of how it could personally make them happy while ensuring that the teeth remain healthy and strong. The act of smiling has the ability to escalate the level of happiness in your mood. It’s truly the small things such as a smile that make the biggest difference in our lives. At Micris Dental Clinic we provide cosmetic dentistry services that deliver a trusted smile makeover, solving any dental issue. We help sculpt a smile for you that not only enhances the beauty of your natural smile but also ensures the overall health of your teeth and gums are not compromised.

Don’t cover your smile, conquer it!

If you are more likely to hide your smile, you’re the perfect candidate for a smile makeover. So if you are conscious of taking photographs with friends and family members or you are keen on a crucial profile picture or a professional business photo, you’ll be able to confidently smile and enjoy taking pictures after your smile makeover. The feedback you will receive after getting that perfect smile, will be significantly more positive and allow you to be more comfortable with yourself. It will also increase your confidence and happiness levels as a consequence of this makeover. So there is no need to feel insecure about your smile any longer, we would like to help you enhance and show it off!

Your personality can finally shine

Fixing your smile doesn’t just give you beautiful teeth, it also enhances your confidence and aspects of your personality that would otherwise be hidden!

Let your smile bring success to your career

Gaining your dream smile makes you confident, younger, and can enhance your career growth. Apart from being ready for a photo session, a smile that allows you to express your true self significantly, helps in boosting your persona and reach out to global business organisations. Businesses also prefer individuals who exhibit such confidence and flair and you are more likely to be approached for a position or a job.

Micris Dental Clinic is Dubai’s most premier dental clinic with world-class cosmetic dentists who are ready to provide the best possible dental solution. They can design the bespoke smile that you’ve been dreaming to accentuate your facial features and ensure you smile with confidence all day long!

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