Manoj with Dr Bhat
Manoj with Dr Bhat Image Credit: Supplied

A routine check-up turned up a scary find for Manoj, who asked that only his first name be used.

As a diabetic with high blood pressure and habits such as smoking, he was at-risk of many complications, but it didn’t prepare him for what the doctors found – a 1kg turmour in his left kidney.

An open surgery in this case would have meant a long recovery process and may have brought on more issues. Dr Sanjay Bhat, consultant urologist at Prime Hospital, therefore performed laparoscopic surgery that lasted three hours and removed the tumour.

The patient recovered well, says a press release from the hospital, and was able to walk eat the next day and was successfully discharged on day 3.

Manoj thanked nurses, OT staff and doctors for their support in treating him and looks forward to a healthier future.