DOCIB HEALTHCARE GROUP was founded in the year 2000 by late Dr M.K. Ibrahim, a visionary in the healthcare sector and who served the UAE population as a consultant anaesthetist for over three decades. Dr Ibrahim passed on his legacy through the healthcare services provided by DOCIB to the people of the UAE. The most important principle of our founder was patient care, which even today guides all that we do through the LuLu Group of Pharmacies, DOCIB Nutrition and DOCIB Clinic. We are present in all the seven emirates, reaching out to people of all social and economic classes, ensuring good health and wellness to all. In 2015, the firm’s current CEO, Shinsi Ibrahim took on the responsibilities of carrying forward the legacy and dreams of her father and Founder Chairman, Dr Ibrahim.

Our tagline, Inspiring Better Health is our commitment to society, not only to provide patient care through the Docib Clinic but also provide responsible retailing through our pharmacies and nutrition centres and be the destination of choice for health and wellness awareness. We actively conduct free health screening through our clinic and regularly instill health awareness by participating in social health programs like World Health Day, World Heart Day, etc., in collaboration with LuLu Hypermarket.   

In our march ahead, besides being predominantly present in LuLu Hypermarkets, we have started expanding by opening community pharmacies positioned across the UAE to serve the larger community. 

Our commitment of serving the country and the people with whom we live, is our prime goal and we strive to continuously innovate and meet the healthcare needs of even the weakest person in society by providing unbeatable value for their money. Our staff are trained to serve both patients and customers through our DOCIB values, integrity, commitment, relationship, excellence, innovation and communication.

Today’s fast paced lifestyle and stress are the major contributors to most of the ailments that we suffer. This makes it even more important to focus on a holistic approach in providing information and inspiration to adopt a balanced diet, healthy habits, regular exercise and regular check-ups at the clinic. DOCIB Healthcare provides the best answer to good health and wellness.


“The focus of DOCIB Healthcare is to ensure happier and healthier lives. DOCIB Healthcare provides holistic care that makes you feel special by placing much needed qualified and trained professionals. We will continue to expand our footprints and support the advancement of health care in UAE. We believe in inspiring better health through high quality, accessible and 
affordable preventative healthcare solutions.”

Shinsi Ibrahim, CEO
DOCIB Healthcare Group