Blood donation DHA
Image Credit: Supplied

A fixed blood donation site has been set up next to the Dubai Blood Donation Centre (DBDC) to further ensure social distancing and the safety of blood donors.

Dr Farida Al Khaja, CEO of DHA’s Clinical Support Services and Nursing Sector, said that the tent can smoothly accomodate 70 - 250 donors a day.

“The centre has a spacious waiting area and is equipped with 12 beds and modern medical equipment. It also has a personal sanitisation tunnel, a thermal camera and follows a frequent cleaning policy for beds and surfaces after each donor,” said Dr Al Khaja.

The Dubai Blood Donation Centre received 41,635 blood donors from the beginning of the year until August 18, 2020, out of which 31,258 donors successfully donated blood; 3,195 platelets apheresis units and 104 double red cells donation were collected.

A total of 42,493 blood units were issued during the same time period out of which, 26,959 blood units were distributed to DHA hospitals and 15,534 were issued to private hospitals in Dubai. Meanwhile 3,973 platelets units and 8,529 plasma units were issued to both public and private hospitals.

The centre also played an important role in collecting convalescent plasma from recovered COVID-19 patients, with 195 plasma donors having donated successfully during the pandemic.

Al Khaja said that new conditions for donating blood were put in place during the pandemic.“The Dubai Blood Donation Centre constantly strives to ensure that a sufficient supply of blood is available for patients in need by putting in place the best practices to enhance the safety of blood transfusion. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have put in place new conditions for donating blood, which includes deferral for those coming from abroad from donating blood for two weeks to ensure the safety of donors and recipients of blood,” said Dr Al Khaja.

The centre has extended its working hours to meet customers’ needs and it now operates from 7am to 8:30pm, Sunday – Thursday.