American Hospital
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A Dubai resident, a 76-year-old Kenyan-Indian, came to American Hospital Dubai suffering from a very chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This chronic lung disease causes restricted airflow and breathing problems.

He had a long history of smoking, and his lung function was only 30 per cent when he visited American Hospital. He had influenza that developed into Pneumonia and Myocarditis, which is a rare complication that affects only 10 people per 100,000 people.

Dr Mazen Zouwayhed M.D, one of the pulmonary/critical care consultant at American hospital Dubai who treated the patient said, "The patient had gone into respiratory failure and septic shock. His heart function was 10 per cent; he had a multiorgan failure, respiratory/ heart/ lung/ kidney function failure, low blood pressure, and more complications.

"We put on a ventilator - intubated him and started him on mechanical ventilator. He underwent a permissive hypercapnia protocol which is a lung-protective strategy used in rare cases when the lungs don't function properly. His treatment included inhalation of nitric oxide and bicarbonate infusion to compensate for the non-functioning lungs."

The patient's health improved with American Hospital's excellent critical care team's prompt actions, treatment, and complete support.

Dr Zouwayhed added, Consultant Pulmonologist and Critical care consultant at American Hospital Dubai said "After several days on the ventilator, he was extubated. The patient is awake and in rehab, undergoing physical therapy."

This is a one-of-a-kind critical case — a very unexpected outcome coming from an infrequent complication of influenza.

The patient's family - wife- son and daughter are happy to see their father's/husband's recovery.

The daughter added, "We are grateful to have Dr Mazen and his ICU team's full support, open communication and guidance. Their expert supervision and treatment strategy helped in my father's treatment, bringing him back to us out of a life-threatening condition."