New fines
Dubai Economy has intensified its inspection campaign to ensure business follow COVID-19 protocol.

Dubai: Following intensified inspections of commercial establishments, the Dubai Economy (DED) announced on Monday that it has imposed fines on 18 shops, including six in the retail sector, two in trading ready-to-wear garments, four shops in textiles and fabrics, two gyms and four other stores selling perfumes, mobile phones, electronics, and computer parts, for violating health and safety guidelines.

Stern warnings

Stern warnings were issued to 12 commercial establishments for not placing the physical distancing stickers as part of the coronavirus (COVID-19) preventive measures. DED’s Commercial Compliance & Consumer Protection (CCCP), meanwhile, found on Sunday that 725 commercial establishments were fully compliant with the safety rules.

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The DED noted the non-compliant businesses were from various shopping centres at Dubai International City, Al-Daghaya, and Ayal Nasir. The inspectors fined the commercial establishments after employees were found not wearing masks and not adhering to physical distancing. Warnings were issued to those that did not place the physical distancing stickers as required.

Report the violators

The DED has repeatedly called on everyone to cooperate and contribute to keeping the emirate’s economy moving forward in spite of the pandemic threat. The DED also called on everyone to report any non-compliance to the precautionary guidelines through the Dubai Consumer app available on the Apple, Google, and Huawei stores, by calling 600545555, or by visiting the website.