NAT 200505 Baby Zaine_hospital quarantine AF-1588665355988
Baby Zaine during the early part of his hospital quarantine. His COVID-19 recovery is the second miracle in his life, having been born three months premature.

Abu Dhabi: An 18-month-old baby boy, who was born premature, became the youngest Filipino coronavirus (COVID-19) survivor in the UAE, the Philippines Embassy in Abu Dhabi announced on Tuesday.

“Baby Zaine has tested negative for COVID-19, three weeks after both he and his mother were informed they were COVID-positive. This makes Zaine the youngest Filipino COVID-19 survivor in the UAE,” the Embassy said in a statement sent to Gulf News.

NAT 200505 Baby Zaine looking at his mother AF-1588665354278
Baby Zaine looking at his mother during the quarantine period for COVID-19 patients.

Zaine’s mother experienced very mild symptoms during isolation, while Zaine did not exhibit any symptom but tested positive seven times with Seha (Abu Dhabi Health Services Company).

Philippines Ambassador to the UAE, Hjayceelyn M. Quintana, said: “I have known Zaine since he was born three months pre-mature, in October 2018, and have been personally praying for him since then. I thank God for granting Zaine another miracle.”

“All Filipinos in the UAE, including us at the Embassy, feel and suffer the effects of COVID-19. We rejoice in the recovery of Zaine and join family members of other Filipino COVID patients in the UAE in celebrating the recuperation of their affected loved ones. At the same time, we join the families in mourning the loss of those Filipinos in UAE who succumbed to the virus, “ Quintana added.

Quintana also reminded her compatriots to stay safe at all times.

“While mobility restrictions are starting to ease, now is the time for continued caution and not for complacency. I therefore urge all Filipinos in the UAE to remain vigilant in exercising COVID-19 precautions such as hand-washing, wearing facial masks, social distancing and avoiding going outside one’s home unnecessarily,” she underlined.