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UAE Ministry of Interior has launched a campaign against illegal use of gliders and drones. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The UAE Ministry of Interior launched an awareness campaign to educate glider and drone users about safety laws and requirements and avoid wrong practices and ensure their safety.

Major General Doctor Ahmed Al Raisi — General Inspector of the Ministry of Interior and Director of the committee in charge of following up the implementation of light air sports system — launched the two-week campaign titled ‘The Responsibility is Yours’ across the country to raise awareness about the sport and hobby of flying glider planes.

“This campaign aims to explain laws and regulations for fans of light air sports in the country to avoid illegal usage and wrong practices associated with practicing the sport. It comes also to guarantee the safety of life and property,” Maj Gen Al Raisi said in a virtual press conference held on Monday.

The campaign also promotes the definition of safe practices related to this sport and the places where the sport is permissible so as to guarantee noninterference with aviation and provide safety requirements in order to ensure the safety of life and property.

Speakers in the conference urged people to get a licence to use gliders and know where to practise the sport. “There are 100 glider planes registered in the UAE. People who perform glider plane activities must register both individuals and planes under one of the clubs approved by the authority,” said Yousef Al Azizi from the General Civil Aviation Authority.

The two clubs are Abu Dhabi Light Sports Club and Aljazeera Club in Ras Al Khaimah.

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According to Federal Resolution No 2 of 2015 — Regarding Light Air Sports Practice Regulations, flying without a licence or night-flying of drones and gliders is not allowed. Image Credit: Supplied

According to Lt Col Jamal Al Hossani, Director of Air Support Department at the Directorate General of Security Support of Ministry of interior, said that flying at night or outside the authorised flying zones are prohibited for users.

“As per Federal Resolution No 2 of 2015 — Regarding Light Air Sports Practice Regulations, flying without a licence or night-flying is not allowed. People should know the laws and regulations before practising this sport in order not to endanger others’ lives,” Lt Col Al Hossani said.

Officials have urged drone users to register their drones and avoid flying them in prohibited areas, especially near airports. “People can report drones through the Ministry of Interior Application. It is a new service to encourage the public to report drones in unauthorised areas,” Lt Col Al Hossani said.

Officials advised drone users to use the ‘My Drone Hib’ app to know which types of drones are prohibited for use in the UAE.

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The guidelines:

The Ministry of Interior has invited glider users and enthusiasts to visit the website of the General Civil Aviation Authority to apprise themselves about the regulations, legislations, security and safety guidelines.

For technical regulations on glider planes and light planes: Contact the Federal Customs Authority (FCA) via Custom Inquiry Service on their website.