Abu Dhabi: The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed its astonishment at the statement made by US Vice President Joseph Biden on Washington's allies and the financing of terrorism.

Dr. Anwar Mohammad Gargash , Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, said he was surprised by Biden's remarks "which are far from the truth, especially with relation to the UAE's role in confronting extremism and terrorism and its clear and advanced position in recognising the dangers, including the danger of financing terrorism and terrorist groups."

Dr. Gargash said that the US Vice President's statement ignored the steps and the effective measures taken by the UAE, as well as its clearly announced position in the past about financing terrorism which comes as part of a more comprehensive political stand against this plague.

He called for a formal clarification of Biden's statement which gave a negative and inaccurate impression about the UAE and its track record, particularly at this time which witnesses a political and practical support to the efforts aimed at confronting the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Daesh) group and terrorism in general.

"The UAE's counter-terrorism approach reflects a pioneering national commitment that recognises the extent of the danger posed by terrorism to the region and to its people," added Dr. Gargash.