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Dubai: The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) has highlighted the benefits of its multiemployer contract, which enables an individual to work for more than one employer in the UAE.

“Under the multiemployer contract, the ministry enables you to work for more than one employer after the establishment issues for your part-time work permit, without the approval of the original or other secondary employers,” the MOHRE tweeted on Saturday.

The new system, introduced in 2018, aims to enhance the flexibility of the labour market and meet the needs of the employers from the existing labour market and thus reduce dependence on labour being imported from outside the country.

Under the scheme, companies can recruit skilled workers — holder of university degree or higher and those who completed their diploma in any field — from inside the country of overseas under part-time contracts, which allow these workers to take several part-time jobs without approval of the original or other employers.

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The new system is implemented alongside with the existing system which allows employers and workers to establish normal business relationship under fixed-term or indefinite contracts.