Proposed Citizens' housing at Umm Nahd Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A new housing complex for citizens will be developed in Umm Nahd 3 on the Dubai-Al Ain Road, the Dubai Municipality announced on Tuesday.

Hussain Nasser Lootah, director-general of Dubai Municipality, said the area covers 763 hectares (7,626,080 square metres) and is located near Dubai Outlet Mall.

The new residential area will be planned taking into account aspects of urban sustainability and including planned spaces for recreational areas and dedicated cycling tracks, pedestrian zones and sporting fields to create a healthy environment that promotes an active lifestyle.

Lootah said housing units will be distributed to citizens approved by the Mohammad Bin Rashid Housing Establishment.

Lootah said the move is in line with the Dubai Government’s keenness to ensure the well-being of its citizens by prioritising adequate housing for them and their families, which positively reflects on their social and economic stability and enhances their contribution to nation-building and development.

Lootah said the announcement coincides with World Population Day, which is being celebrated by the UN this year under the theme ‘Family Planning: Empowering People, Developing Nations’ to raise awareness on population issues, including their relations with the environment and development.

Dawoud Al Hajiri, assistant director-general of planning and engineering at Dubai Municipality, said that a single plot is about 1,100 square metres and the housing unit will have a ground floor plus two more floors.

“The new area takes into account everything that works to achieve prosperity and stability for citizens. It includes provision for the needs of the population of public services such as mosques, schools and public parks, in addition to various commercial services,” Al Hajiri said.