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The MOHRE guidebooks explain the benefits that the Nafis programme offers both employers and Emirati employees. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has launched awareness guidebooks for private sector companies and Emirati private sector employees to get informed on Emiratisation-related decisions and initiatives.

Wedad Al Shamlan, Director of the Professional Guidance Department at the Ministry, said: “We are keen to raise awareness and knowledge on the benefits provided by Nafis to Emiratis working or seeking to work in the private sector, whether through financial support or training programmes.

“That is in line with raising awareness among private sector companies about the importance of adhering to Emiratisation decisions and regulations, as well as the legal repercussions that result from non-compliance with these decisions.”

She added: “The ministry is committed to implementing the UAE government’s strategy on Emiratisation in the private sector, which is considered as a vital sector and an essential contributor to the national economy.

“The guidebooks have been developed to clarify everything related to Nafis, Emiratisation plans, the importance of Emiratis joining the private sector, and the role of our talent in advancing economic and sustainable development in the country.”

The awareness guidebook for Emiratis working in the private sector addresses 11 topics, focusing on the Nafis electronic platform, the Regulation of Employment Relationship Law, fake Emiratisation and its administrative penalties, Unemployment Insurance Scheme, the Wage Protection System (WPS), in addition to information on pension and social security, the career counselling service, an awareness and guidance toolkit, pre-employment termination counselling services, call center support, and communication channels.

While the awareness guidebook for private sector companies covers nine topics, including Nafis, the Regulation of Employment Relationship Law, Emiratisation targets, complaints pertaining to Emiratisation procedures and administrative penalties, the Wage Protection System (WPS), as well as relevant information about pension and social security, pre-employment termination counselling services, call center support, and communication channels.

The two guidebooks are accessible on the Ministry’s website, the Nafis electronic platform, and Nafis’ social media channels.