Abu Dhabi: ”Targeting aid workers is a flagrant violation of international laws and in defiance of international conventions and humanitarian norms that provide for protection for relief workers, medical teams and rescue and search teams,” affirmed the Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, in a statement following the loss of two of its aid workers in Aden, Yemen.

The two aid workers were kidnapped by unknown armed men in Aden and later found murdered after being tied up.

“The ERC deplores and expresses its deep sorrow at the loss of Ahmed Fouad Al Yousefi, Coordinator of ERC Operations in Aden, and his fellow Mohamed Tareq, while they were performing a sacred duty in one of the world’s most vulnerable and complex humanitarian zones,” the ERC added.

Such hostile acts impede relief operations and delivery of humanitarian assistance to affected people in Yemen and aggravate their humanitarian conditions and suffering, the ERC said.

“We will continue our relief operations and development projects in Yemen regardless of challenges and risks we may face,” the ERC reiterated.