Dubai residents line up for Covid-19 vaccination
File photo of a resident receiving a COVID-19 vaccine in Dubai. Picture for illustrative use only Image Credit: Gulf News archive

Dubai: All employees in federal government entities in the UAE must take their booster dose of the COVID-19 vaccine within one month from now, the Federal Authority For Government Human Resources (FAHR) announced on Saturday.

The update came in a new FAHR circular to all ministries and federal government entities issued on Saturday, which said the employees must take the booster dose within a month on this circular.

This follow the recent changes regarding the Green Pass on the UAE’s official Al Hosn (The Fort) app, which make it mandatory for the employees and visitors to have a Green Pass to access government buildings.

The Green Pass status is activated and maintained by fully vaccinated persons testing negative every 14 days in a PCR test for COVID-19. People exempted from vaccination can also maintain their Green Pass status by testing negative in PCR testing every seven days.

Contact tracing

FAHR also instructed all federal government entities to regulate procedures relating to COVID-19 positive employees and contact tracing by using, as a reference, FAHR's instruction manual on ways of dealing with employees who are suspected or confirmed of having COVID-19 and those who came into contact with positive cases in the workplace. Federal government entities must also abide by the mechanisms for registering such cases, as well as vaccinated employees and remote work applications, in federal government-approved electronic systems.

-with inputs from Tawfiq Nasrallah, Senior News Editor