Image Credit: UAE Amnesty

The amnesty announced by the UAE Government for residency law violators started on Wednesday.

Amnesty seekers can escape legal action, including a fine, by either leaving the country or regularising their status from Wednesday, August 1, until October 31.


Residency law violators: These are people who violated the residency law till July 31 by entering the UAE illegally, overstaying, or absconding. Those who entered the UAE illegally (without a visa) can exit the country without paying any fines. However, they face a two-year entry ban and can re-enter the UAE only after that period. Violations after July 31 will not be considered for amnesty. 

Former residents: These are people who left the country with an entry ban for violations such as overstaying and absconding. They can return by applying for any kind of visa (tourist/visit/residence/investor) through normal channels during the amnesty period. However, they should not have pending legal cases. Those who were convicted and have served jail sentences for minor crimes might be considered.

How do they go about it?

■  Those who entered the UAE legally, but overstayed their visa can leave the country without paying any fines.

■  They can also regularise their status if they have a job offer.

■  They are eligible to return anytime as there is no entry ban on them. They can apply for a six-month temporary visa to search for a new job.

■  Absconders can get their names removed from the list by paying a fee.


■  Amnesty-seekers have to get an exit permit/emergency certificate (valid for 21 days) issued by immigration authorities after going through fingerprinting and eye scanning. They must have an air ticket dated 10 days after submitting the application.

■  Those who have a valid passport and a flight ticket can directly approach amnesty centres and apply for an exit permit by paying a fee of  Dh221.

■  Those without a valid passport need to get an emergency certificate issued by his/her country’s embassy or consulate. Missions do not renew passports in amnesty cases. It can only be done in the home country.

Where to do it?

Dubai: Two large amnesty tents have been set up in Al Aweer from 8am to 8pm daily except on public holidays.

Abu Dhabi: Amnesty centres in Shahama, Al Ain and Al Dhafra

Other emirates: Main immigration offices


■  Those who have a job offer can apply for a new residency visa.

■  Absconders: Amnesty-seekers from the private sector can get an absconding case closed in the emirate from where his/her visa was issued for a fee of Dh521. The fee for government sector employees is Dh71.

■  Expired passport: Renew at embassy/consulate before applying for visa.

Where to do it?

Dubai: Applicants need not visit Al Aweer centre. They can go to any of the 43 Amer centres, which will provide services, including cancellation of fines for violations related to residency, Emirates ID and labour permit. Applicants can also clear absconding cases and renew expired visas or stamp new visas.

Abu Dhabi and other emirates: Applicants will receive guidance from amnesty centres on how to process the new visa.

Six-month temporary visa

This gives amnesty-seekers a chance to stay back and find a job. This visa will be only issued to those who entered the UAE through legal channels. The visa-holder will be eligible to search for a job in the UAE in the six-month period.

What if they don’t find a job?

Those that find a job can move to a new residency. Others can return to the UAE on a new visa as they are not subject to an entry ban.

Is there any assistance for finding jobs?

Amnesty-seekers availing of the six-month visa can register on the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization’s portal for preference in jobs. However, this does not guarantee a job.

Important Phone Numbers

Abu Dhabi hotline: 80080
Immigration and Naturalisation Department, Al Ain: 03 762 5555
Dubai hotline: 8005111
Directorates of Residence and  Naturalization
06 5726777
Ras Al Khaimah: 8005000

General Directorates of Residence & Foreigners Affairs
Fujairah: 09 2222727
Ajman: 06 7434444
Umm Al Quwain: 06 7063300

Indian Embassy
0508995583  indemb.uaeamnesty18@gmail.com
Indian Consulate (24x7)
0565463903  indiaindubai.amnesty@gmail.com
Indian Workers Resource Centre: 80046342 / help@iwrcuae.in

Pakistan Embassy
0558634467 /02 4447800 (Ext 217/337)
Pakistan Consulate
04 3971748 / 04 39666651
Pakistan Association Dubai: 04 3373632/04 3377678

Philippine Embassy
0502079898 /0502079988 / 02-6390006
Philippine Consulate
0565015755 to 56  amnesty@pcgdubai.ae

Indonesian Embassy
0565115193 /0565115193 konsuler.ae@kemlu.go.id
Indonesian Consulate 0563322611

Sri Lankan Embassy
02 6322129 /02 6332271
Sri Lankan Consulate
04 3986991  04 3986535 ext.13 assistdubaiamnesty@gmail.com

Embassy of Nepal
Bhesh Bahadur Karki Counsellor (Labour)
Bishnu Kumari Adhikari Second Secretary