Abu Dhabi: The Command of Coalition Forces Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen has called the targeting of an Emirati ship carrying aid by Al Houthi militias a “dangerous indication.”

The Command announced that it embarked on a rescue operation on Saturday at dawn of the civilian passengers after Al Houthi militias targeted the civilian vessel ‘Swift’, owned by the UAE’s National Marine Dredging Company.

According to the Coalition statement, the ship was on a routine trip to the city of Aden to deliver medical and relief aid and evacuate wounded and injured civilians in order to complete their treatment outside Yemen.

“This comes as a serious indicator to confirm the orientation of these militias to carry out terrorist operations targeting international navigation and relief ships in [the] Bab Al Mandab Strait,” a Coalition statement said. “Coalition air and naval forces had started chasing and targeting of boats which carried out the attack,” the statement added.