Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi City Municipality has called on commercial and business companies to ensure that their workers are provided with accommodation that meets the municipality’s health and occupational safety standards after a number of recorded violations.

Inspections carried out by Al Wathba Municipality Centre resulted in 10 offences being issued and 177 warnings given for a range of violations which included using the upper premises of the facilities to house their workers. Other violations included changing the design of the establishment without a permit, or adding equipment and tools that made the facility unsafe for workers.

According to the municipality, the violators were given a one-week grace period to correct the situation and were warned that continued violations would result in legal action taken against them.

The municipality also warned that inspection campaigns would continue at premises such as villas, apartments, resident and commercial buildings.

The inspection campaign carried out in Al Wathba comes as part of a broader effort by the Department of Municipal Affairs and Transport to ensure that workers are given suitable housing away from their place of work, and that their health and safety are protected while at their workplace in line with the best international health and safety standards.

As part of its efforts the municipality also said that it wanted to work together with the community to raise awareness on public safety and health laws, and said that it had already carried out several workshops with businesses on the regulations and guidelines on the health, safety, and environmental standards they must follow.