Abu Dhabi: A member of the Federal National Council put forward a motion to set a minimum wage for Emirati government employees to attract and retain talents.

Saeed Saleh Al Rumaithi, a member from Abu Dhabi, put a question to Dr Ahmad Bel Houl Al Falasi, Minister of State for Higher Education and Advanced Skills, about plans to set a minimum wage for Emiratis in the government sector.

“Talented and competent citizens demand higher wages and better benefits especially in a competitive labour market. So why the Government has not set a minimum wage for Emiratis and review it to catch up with inflation,” Al Rumaithi asked.

Dr Al Falasi told the House the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources is open for setting a minimum wage for citizens and is working to review human resources laws to soon submit findings to the Cabinet for approval.

Article (21) of the federal decree law no. 11 for 2008 as amended by the federal decree law no. 90 of 2011 and federal decree law no. 17 of 2016 states that the minimum salary of UAE national employees shall be determined by a Cabinet resolution, and shall be reviewed as required.

1. Grades and salary scales of federal entities shall be endorsed by the Cabinet upon a recommendation by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources, and in coordination with the Ministry of Finance, according to the following criteria:

a- Each job shall be assigned a corresponding grade which must be closely related to it.

b- Job Evaluation & description shall be conducted according to a system issued by a Cabinet Resolution, on recommendation by the authority.

c- Approve the total salary.

2. The Federal entity shall implement the grades and salary scales as approved by the Cabinet, and cannot make any changes or introduce any new bonuses, allowances or annual grants without prior approval of the Cabinet.

3. The grades and salary scales approved before this Decree Law was put into force, shall be retained unless the Cabinet decides otherwise.