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A team of medical experts in the UAE treated Hamda, 4, who was diagnosed with 13 health complications through 33 medical procedures. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: The highly-skilled multidisciplinary team at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC), a SEHA partner, achieved success in treating a 4-year-old with 13 health complications through 33 medical procedures.

PureHealth, the largest healthcare platform in the Middle East, is making significant progress in diagnosing and treating rare aerodigestive disorders in children through its subsidiary SEHA’s renowned Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC).

Most recently, the exceptional multidisciplinary team at SKMC successfully treated four-year-old Hamda through 33 consecutive and effective medical procedures. Born prematurely at 32 weeks, Hamda faced multiple complications, including bilateral vocal cord paralysis and subglottic stenosis, necessitating a tracheostomy for an alternative airway.

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Hamda faced a number of rare complications and also had difficulty feeding by mouth due to a swallowing dysfunction. This required the insertion of a gastrostomy (feeding) tube, that goes directly into the stomach.

Specialised care

Hamda’s care was managed by a team of specialists from the SKMC Aerodigestive Program, the only one of its kind in Abu Dhabi that is specifically dedicated to children. This specialised clinic has provided comprehensive care for over 500 children with complex aerodigestive disorders since its inception in 2019.

The clinic includes an ENT, Paediatric Pulmonology, Paediatric Gastroenterology, Nutrition, Speech-Language Pathology, Respiratory Therapy, General Paediatrics, and nursing team.

Dr Asma Al Marzouqi, Consultant Paediatrician at SKMC, said: “The multidisciplinary clinic handles all complex cases of airways and digestive conditions offering a collaborative approach, where medical experts from various fields come together to ensure the best possible care outcomes.

"SKMC’s commitment to handling complex cases underscores their dedication to providing top-tier healthcare and making a positive impact on the lives of children and their families.”

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Dr Asma Al Marzouqi, Consultant Paediatrician at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC).

Multi-disciplinary clinic

Dr. Sofia Konstantinopoulou, Consultant Paediatrician and the head of the Aerodigestive Program at SKMC, said: “The SKMC Aerodigestive Program is a unique multidisciplinary clinic for patients with acquired and congenital breathing, swallowing, feeding problems and difficulties with growth or development.

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Dr. Sofia Konstantinopoulou, Consultant Paediatrician and the head of the Aerodigestive Program at SKMC

“The aim is to provide cost-effective, family-focused, and patient-centred care to the best of our abilities, aligning with PureHealth’s mission to promote healthcare excellence and accessibility to all.”

Thanks to the exceptional care she received at SKMC, Hamda has made remarkable strides in her journey. She is now breathing normally and is comfortably eating by mouth. Her swallowing difficulties have been resolved, and she is gaining healthy weight, while her intellectual development is flourishing, and is demonstrating superb writing and reading skills even before starting school.

The success story of Hamda’s treatment symbolises PureHealth’s vision of ensuring healthier communities and empowering people to live longer, healthier, and fuller lives.