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Iman Obaid Al Okla at the hospital where she delivered her triplets Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Dubai transit traveller, who was pregnant with triplets and sustained severe fatigue, received a pleasant surprise as the director of the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai (GDRFA) ordered to issue direct entry permit for her to deliver her babies.

Maj Gen Mohammad Ahmad Al Marri, director-general of GDRFA-Dubai, was walking with senior officials at the transit area of Dubai International Airport Terminal 3, when he spotted the 29-year-old Syrian pregnant mother with her husband and three other children sitting in the airport waiting for their flight to Beirut after coming from Oman.

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The three bundles of joy Image Credit: Supplied

He said that the woman was severely fatigued and felt that traveling might cause danger to her life as she was supposed to deliver her triplets. He ordered that direct entry permitsbe issued to the mother and her family to get proper and safe medical care in Dubai.

“Usually, I make daily routine visits to the airport to check about the work progress. When I saw the woman. I ordered the issue of entry permits so she could get prompt medical care. After that, I was told that she delivered triplets in the UAE and they are in good health,” Maj Gen Al Marri said.

Maj Gen Al Merri pointed out that Dubai is always keen to deal with humanitarian situations and GDRFA-Dubai has a package of humanitarian programmes and initiative.

The mother, Iman Obaid Al Okla, told Gulf News, that she named her triplets with names of UAE leaders’ sons and daughters as a gesture of thanks for the help she received from the UAE.

“I delivered two girls and one boy and they are all in good health. I’m thankful to the UAE, especially the director-general of GDRFA-Dubai, for helping me. With UAE help, I managed to deliver my children in good health. I named my children Abdullah, Maitha and Muhra,” Iman told Gulf News.

She said that she was in Syria with her family and was travelling from Beirut to Oman but there was a problem and her husband could not reach the destination.

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The mother and her newborns are in good health Image Credit: Supplied

She was traveling back to Beirut via Dubai when she decided to stay in the transit area and apply for entry permits as her sister is a resident of Abu Dhabi.

“I applied for entry permits and was feeling so tired when Maj Gen Al Marri walked past me and asked me if I needed help. I explained the situation to him and he ordered the issue of entry permits within 30 minutes,” she added.

She went to Abu Dhabi while her husband returned to Beirut before she delivered her triplets in a hospital at Abu Dhabi.

She said she will change her status by getting a residency permit with her children as she has decided to stay on and live in the UAE.

“UAE is the safest country in the world and every person dreams to live here. GDRFA-Dubai kept checking on my situation even after I delivered the triplets on November 1.”

Iman wished to be reunited with her husband so they could stay together with their six children.