A view of Fujairah. Image Credit: Ahmed Ramzan/Gulf News

Fujairah: The emirate of Fujairah saw an increase in residential fires and a decline in drowning incidents in 2023.

Nine people died in fires, while two drowning fatalities were recorded, according to data released by the Fujairah Civil Defence Departmentge

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The data revealed a rise in residential fires, signaling a 53 per cent inreease in such incidents in 2023 compared to the previous year.

In addition to 9 deaths from these fires, 90 others were injured across 684 fire-related occurrences.

The data revealed that the intervention of the Civil Defence Department was required in 224 residential fires, which caused five injuries.

Commercial areas, meanwhile, saw 55 fires, resulting in two deaths and three injuries.

Additionally, fires in public facilities and services led to four fatalities and 52 injuries from 226 incidents.

Transport fires recorded 55 accidents, causing the death of one person, while two people died in eight fire accidents in industrial areas, while injuries resulting from mountain and desert fires amounted to five cases as a result of 36 fires in those areas.

The official data recorded an increase in the percentage of fire accidents on farms in the emirate – the number reached 25 accidents during the past year, compared to eight accidents in the previous year.

Negligence, particularly in the incorrect disposal of agricultural waste, was identified as a significant factor behind the increase in farm fires, necessitating civil defence team involvement to extinguish the resulting blazes.

Despite the surge in residential fires, the Emirate of Fujairah experienced a noteworthy 57 per cent decrease in drowning incidents compared to the previous year.

The concerted efforts of relevant authorities in raising awareness about drowning dangers and implementing awareness campaigns on beaches were attributed to this decline.

The statistics issued by the Judicial and Security Statistics Department reported only three drowning incidents during the past year, resulting in two fatalities and the rescue of two others, underscoring the impact of effective awareness initiatives in curbing such incidents.