Dubai: Dubai Municipality has changed the winter camping location from Al Warqa’a to Al Aweer in order to improve the camping services provided by its building department, officials said.

Al Aweer is better suited for the outings that occur in winter as people take advantage of the cooler weather to enjoy the desert.

Khalid Mohammad Saleh, director of the building department, said: “We discussed the proposed plan with our strategic partners, including Dubai Police and Civil Defence, for the coming season, which starts in October, and decided to change the location of camping from Al Warqa’a to Al Aweer as it meets all safety and environmental requirements.”

The meeting also resolved to honour the owner of the best winter camp that meets all environmental and safety requirements, to encourage people to comply with rules and regulations.

The winter camping requirements, announced previously, say camps should be for temporary private use during the winter and not leased or used by third parties. They should be within the limits described in their permits and no wall or fence should be set up around the site.

Also, a copy of the permission should be placed in a visible place on the tent and shown to municipality inspectors on request.

Other rules say camps should be made using “temporary materials” and be equipped with a fire extinguisher. Waste, especially from barbecues and campfires, will not be tolerated.

Campers are also urged to be considerate of others, refraining from using floodlights and amplifiers.

A security amount held in lieu of permits will be seized in case of breach of any condition of the permits.

The municipality has the right to remove a camp at any time.