COP28 is underway at Expo City Dubai Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

At the epicentre of worldwide climate initiatives, COP28 is making waves in the lively heart of the UAE at Expo City Dubai. Going beyond the crucial talks on climate solutions, this year’s summit thrusts sustainable living into the limelight. Here are some of the main highlights of what took place beyond the main stage on Day One at COP28

COP28: Where eco-warriors converge

Dubai’s Expo City is going to be a busy venue over the next 12 days as COP28 takes centerstage. As delegates brace themselves for climate talks, we are talking eco-revolutions, sustainable sensations, and a whole lot of green glamour.

Delegates return as the sun sets on opening day of COP28. Image Credit: Virendra Saklani/Gulf News

A cheerful cohort of activists is already at hand at the venue to engage with the attendees. Initiating conversations, sharing their origins and the reasons behind their presence at Expo City Dubai, the diverse origins of the activists represents a global coalition for climate awareness.

From South Korea and Turkey to Brazil, Canada, China, and Singapore, the varied list of countries share a commitment to addressing climate concerns at the forefront of this year’s COP28 summit.

A view of Dubai's Expo City during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) Climate Summit in Dubai. Image Credit: Reuters

Sustainable living takes centerstage

During the inaugural day of COP28, the spotlight shone brightly on embracing a green lifestyle. From delectable plant-based delicacies to groundbreaking sustainability initiatives, the summit seamlessly blends the essence of Mother Nature with red carpet glamour.

Adding to the eco-extravaganza, the UAE’s House of Sustainability made its grand debut in the Green Zone at COP28.

Housed in the former Expo 2020 UAE pavilion, this exhibit serves as a testament to the UAE’ journey toward sustainability. Visitors to the House of Sustainability can explore the nation’s strategies for achieving net-zero goals, engage with interactive displays, and actively contribute to the creation of innovative climate solutions.

COP28 banner
Evident on the first day of the summit was a hydration revolution on display: Free water bottles to re-fill

Thirsty for action?

COP28 is ditching disposable cups faster than you can say “climate crisis.” Evident on the first day of the summit was a hydration revolution: Free water bottles to re-fill. Each delegate also received a golden ticket — a Nol card for a ride on the eco-friendly Dubai Metro.

Vegan vibes all over

And while holding on to those eco-hats, you had more than 80 climate activists on a mission to turn COP28 UAE into the ultimate vegan feast. They dished out plant-powered goodies to all.

The message seemed clear: It time for some climate snacks with a fully vegan twist.