Can Collection Drive that was conducted by EEG all over the UAE. Image Credit: EEG


For the 22nd year in a row, the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) rallied the nation on Saturday for its annual recycling campaign, which has helped collect 313,352 kg of aluminium cans in just over two decades.

This year the Can Collection Drive has seen the participation of 160 entities from all the emirates, with the combined effort of various hotels, families, academic institutions and corporations reeling in 4,125 kg of aluminium cans.

EEG has so far achieved 55 per cent of the target this year, urging all sectors of the society to help achieve the set target of 28,000 kg till December.

Habiba Al Marashi, Chairperson of Emirates Environmental Group greatly appreciated the fact that over the last 22 years the Can Collection Campaign since has seen a tremendous growth and participation from the people of the UAE.

The campaign unites the nation each year by engaging a diverse group of entities from different sectors of society — government, private sector, hospitality, educational institutions and families in the name of sustainability.

Since its inception in 1997, EEG has managed to collect 313,352 kg of aluminium cans which has resulted in the mitigation of 4,703 metric tonnes of CO2, saving of 7,606 cubic metres of landfill space and the conservation of 71,314 million BTU of energy.

Al Marashi further emphasised that recycling and community engagement in environmental activities should be part and parcel of every persons’ life in the UAE.

She said that the EEG has always strived to promote and educate the community on conservation issues through active action-oriented programmes.

Besides aluminium cans, EEG also facilitates the collection of paper, plastic, glass bottles, toners and mobile phones for recycling.

“By conducting such campaigns, EEG is constantly adding on to the aim of achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals particularly Goal No.12 which calls on the importance of Sustainable Consumption and production,” Al Marashi said.