Still from video shared by Fujairah Environment Authority on Instagram Image Credit: Screengrab/Instagram

Fujairah: After a video went viral on social media on Monday showing a caracal cat roaming a residential area, a specialised team from the Fujairah Environment Authority is currently verifying the presence of the animal in Masafi area where the video was captured.

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It is investigating whether the animal belongs to a resident or it is a stray. If it turns out the mammal has an owner, legal action will be taken by the Authority against the person.

The Authority calls on the public to stay away from the lynx - a medium-sized cat that is distinguished by its hunting skills. It can jump up to 10 feet in the air to catch its prey. This type of cat plays an important role in the ecosystem and unique biodiversity of Fujairah.

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To report wild animals or environmental complaints, residents can contact the Fujairah Environment Authority on the toll-free number 800368.