Ras Al Khaimah: An elderly husband and wife died on the same day on Monday after spending more than six decades of their lives together.

The couple will be buried next to each other, after a marriage that lasted 65 years.

They lived together at their home in Wadi Ghaleila in Ras Al Khaimah.

The 107-year-old Emirati husband, Ghazi Ali Ghazi, died 12 and a half hours after his 90-year-old wife Shaikha Sulyaiman Al Habash.

“I’m sad. But I know they’re at peace and they’re back together,” a family member said.

The wife died first on Monday at 4am and her husband followed at 5.30pm.

The couple had rarely separated from one another during their time together.

Mohammad Ali Al-Shehhi, the grandson of the the couple, told Gulf News that his grandfather was suffering from old age and some illnesses. He was unconscious and had not been informed of his wife's death.

It was big shock for the family members.

The couple have two daughters and a son, the eldest daughter is approximately 65 years old, and the son is 60.

The husband was born in 1913 in Wadi Ghaleila in Ras Al Khaimah 40km north of Ras Al Khaimah city, while his wife was born in 1930.

Funeral prayers were held for the wife at 9am on Monday at Al Khub cemetary in Wadi Ghaleila. The funeral prayers for the husband were due to take place at 8.30pm on Monday, but were postponed to 7.30am Tuesday at the family's request.