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The year is 2700 BC. The great Sumer and Elam cast a watchful eye upon the battlefield. Little do they know that this battle of theirs is being watched by a rather outlandish spectator. He is wearing colourful clothing, that covers his torso and his lower body. As they declare war, this odd man spectator pulls out a hamburger, peels off the wrapper, takes one bite and and says, “Let the show begin!”

Who is this? Well, that guy would be me who had just gone back in time.

History has always fascinated me. I have been intrigued by the rules of kings, the making of constitutions, nationalists rebelling against the oppressors, the tyrants and the dictators. I would prize an opportunity to relive these great moments. I would also play around with history and visit my ancestors hundreds of years before I was conceived and teach them how to moonwalk.

History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it

- Winston Churchill

The reason that convinces me the most to travel back in time is the fact that everything is hunky dory in the past, while the future is unpredictable. There is no telling what will happen in a substantial amount of time from now. Flying cars and cures for almost every disease known to man? Possible. A post-apocalyptic world where the air is sold in bottles? Equally possible. I’m not willing to take that risk, though I might have already when I began time traveling.

Another reason I would want a fling at going back in time would be to breathe in fresh, unpolluted air. To contemplate the stars in a world where no airplanes would discombobulate my tableau. No clouds of smoke polluting my vivid scenery. Big, luscious and perfectly organic berries bursting open at first bite, carrying no fear of them food poisoning and chemical poisoning me. I could send notes via the passenger pigeon and exclaim at the wondrous sight of the woolly mammoths roaming in the ice age and the all-powerful and majestic Tyrannosaurus Rex wandering about in the real Jurassic World.

I think this time-traveling business sounds fun. I say, let’s build this machine.

Krish Gupta
Krish Gupta - Grade 8, GEMS Millenium School Sharjah Image Credit: Supplied

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