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Fathima Afreen Image Credit: Supplied

Fathima Afreen

Grade 9, GEMS Cambridge International School, Abu Dhabi

I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of time travel, but I could never make up my mind about going into the future or the past. Should I travel back to see the dinosaurs and how our ancestors lived or should I race into the future to see if robots indeed will take over the world? After a great deal of thought, and a long list of pros and cons, I decided I want to...travel into the future.

We humans have come a long way just in the last decade; the reprogramming of stem cells, memory manipulation, a computer chip that mimics the work of the human brain and this is just the beginning. We are truly at the peak of scientific and self-development. Our species are evolving every single day and I would love to see what we can do with advanced technology and artificial intelligence. Possibilities are limitless. As it is said, the only thing that limits you is your imagination.

Who knows if in the near future if our colleagues are robots? What if we all move to Mars and treat Earth like our vacation home? Will we be introduced to a new variety of species all together? I guess I will have to travel into the future to find out.