Loujain Hussain is surrounded by her mother Maha Abdul Kader, sister Maram Hussain and brother Mahran Hussain at home after being discharged from the Shaikh Khalifa Medical City in Abu Dhabi on Thursday. Image Credit: Abdul Rahman/Gulf News

Abu Dhabi: Loujain Hussain is a very happy girl. After enduring two weeks in a medicated coma, the 11-year-old was discharged from the Shaikh Khalifa Medical City (SKMC) on Thursday.

"I am happy that I can go home now," Loujain told Gulf News from her hospital room.

Her family's joy at her amazing recovery was also evident as they kept a watchful eye as Loujain performed various simple exercises with the aid of a medical staff member.

Long journey

"It has been such a long journey for us… and now, to see her awake and interacting with us… words cannot describe how I feel," said Maha Abdul Khair, Loujain's mother.

Loujain, an Iranian expatriate, was being treated at the SKMC's Paediatric ICU ward after sustaining severe injuries as a result of a violent attack by several grade four pupils. She regained consciousness on Wednesday and was moved to the regular ward.

"Loujain, as all SKMC patients, has received excellent care and her clinical course has improved dramatically. We are very happy that she is being discharged," said Jeffrey Staples, the hospital's chief executive officer.

Further tests

"I would also like to thank the doctors and medical staff who have worked tirelessly throughout Loujain's stay," he added.

In addition to a brain haemorrhage and swelling, she also suffered from heavy bruising.

Doctors had previously told Loujain's family that she had an undiagnosed congenital condition called arteriovenous malformation or AVM and an aneurysm, an enlarged artery caused by a weakened blood vessel, ruptured as well.

"Her doctors have scheduled a CT scan for next week… they have said that another operation will be scheduled to make sure that the vein they repaired is still stable," Mahran, her older brother, said.

The grade seven pupil was attacked more than two weeks ago by several boys during break time at the Al Ma'ali International Private School. The incident was triggered when a friend accidentally stumbled into one of the boys.

"Loujain has some memories of what happened that day, including that one of the boys elbowed her strongly during the assault," Hussain Abdullah, her father, an investment consultant, said.

"We did not know that Loujain was being bullied by these boys… she does not like to say anything negative about anyone… we found out only when her friends told us during their visits," he added.


Dr Mugheer Khamis Al Khaili, the Adec's director general, and senior officials from the Council visited Loujain yesterday upon learning of her impending discharge.

"We are very pleased to learn that she is being sent home… [Loujain] is one of our 300,000 strong family and we wish her a full recovery," Dr Al Khaili said.

The Abu Dhabi Education Council (Adec) and the police are currently investigating the matter.