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Global Indian International School (GIIS) Dubai has always been at the forefront of creating better learning environments that drive students towards holistic excellence in life, long after they pass out of school. While constantly upgrading its teaching plans, GIIS is continually invested in ensuring that the education imparted holds substantial relevance for children in the future.

To empower student growth across various instrumental parameters, the school has designed an incredibly effective 9GEMS approach that amplifies and promotes the holistic and future-focused development of students. This approach helps students achieve academic and sports excellence while also focusing on developing their visual and performing arts skills to help them unlock their maximum academic potential. The model is crafted in a way that learning involves activities that work towards personality development on a regular basis while laying strong emphasis on cultivating innovation and creativity. Moreover, it is designed to encourage entrepreneurship and leadership abilities to nurture the confidence and curiosity to create among growing teenagers. The curriculum has been designed to give students uninhibited access to learning tools that initiate skill development to encourage and equip them to pick more meaningful and satisfying career paths.

GIIS Dubai integrates innovation and technology in its education system by optimising its spacious campus and equipping it with smart and advanced teaching tools to prepare children for the changing economic, digital and social challenges of the modern world. The school actively embraces and encourages collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, communication and care through various initiatives to lay a strong foundation in children before they step outside into the world. Classrooms on Dubai campus have interactive displays, handheld devices and curriculum-related content so that all students have access to online study material and can take missed classes online through the latest learning management system being introduced.

A carefully curated digital library empowers GIIS students to widen the scope of their instructive materials exponentially. Moreover, the Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GCIE), an on-campus venture by GIIS, enables students to ideate and innovate through a unique facility that conducts several learning programmes. There’s also an AI, Robotics and Makerspace that is designed with continuous input from industry experts in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence. It also covers equipping students with engineering competencies such as design, iteration, prototype development, design reviews and project planning, in addition to programming and computational thinking using new-age tools and project-based learning.

GIIS Dubai follows a well-researched method for its student development plan, which ensures that each student passes through various stages of development appropriately and systematically to reach their desired learning outcomes. The 7S Analysis process followed by the school gives weightage to small qualitative details with the help of their detailed assessment (DA) process to get a complete and consistent in-depth evaluation of every student’s academic life. Moreover, senior students receive comprehensive and detailed career counselling, including one-to-one counselling, career fairs, information sessions, university visits and expert assistance from within the school itself, which offers instrumental support and guidance to them on higher education. More than 100 universities hold various student-centric events on the GIIS Dubai campus annually, which provide its students as well as parents with a platform to help them connect with and identify suitable programmes.