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Today’s children will live in a future predicted to look quite different than the present. A modern education must prepare students for the very different world they will inherit. At Fairgreen International School in Dubai, their International Baccalaureate continuum curriculum is designed to inspire creativity, innovation and healthy risk taking with the unique added focus of sustainability education, which is woven into the fabric of the school, teaching students to examine the environmental, social and economic impact of their collective actions.

“By the time our students eventually graduate from college, many will be applying for positions that currently don’t exist or at least look very different,” shares Fairgreen Director, Graeme Scott. “Many future careers will be in fields connected to sustainability.”

Heading toward their fourth year this August 2021, Fairgreen is excited to launch their IB Diploma and IB Career-related programmes (IBDP and IBCP) for students entering their last two years of high school. Both programmes offer an exceptional education with an emphasis on care for oneself, care for others, and care for the planet - the essence of sustainability. IBDP is designed to help students attain an excellent breadth and depth of knowledge in a variety of subject areas, while the IBCP interegrates academia with hands-on, real-world learning for students with an interest in or passion for sustainability. Fairgreen has partnered with the Sustainability Management School (SUMAS) of Switzerland in the implementation of its IBCP programme, hence students who choose IBCP will take some coursework online with SUMAS while completing field experiences locally with mentors in a specific area of focus within sustainability. Both tracks provide a holistic, well-rounded and experiential approach to learning.

Located in The Sustainable City of Dubai, Fairgreen has access to the city’s bio-domes, eco-focused businesses and organizations, and an Innovation Centre dedicated to sustainability research and education opening in October 2021. Fairgreen’s IBDP and IBCP will run alongside each other, affording all students academically rigorous coursework and practical experience working with professionals focussed in sustainability-related fields, including Nature Conservation, Sustainable Hospitality, Sustainable Fashion, and more!

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Fairgreen’s IBDP/IBCP is pending formal IB authorisation expected to be received by June 2021.