two blacktip reef sharks swim near a diver on a coral reef in seychelles Image Credit: Getty Images

Only we humans make waste that nature can’t digest. In this picture, you can see the world’s most dangerous animal who is responsible for millions of deaths every year and by its side, a great white shark who is at peace with its environment.

Are we?

Materials like plastic are non-degradable which means they will not be absorbed and recycled. We made plastic, we depend on it and now, we’re drowning in it.

When oceanic creatures, and even birds, consume plastic inadvertently, they choke on it which causes a steady decline in their population. Balloons and plastic bags appear as a favorite food to turtles and seabirds but prove to be hazardous once ingested. Not only does consuming a balloon cause internal damage, but the string attached to it also lends itself to be an entangling hazard were it to get stuck around an animal’s neck.

It is said that we would see fish-less oceans by the year 2048. When all the wells and rivers would have dried up, would we then know the worth of water?

More than 455,300,978 tons of waste is dumped in oceans every year which can cause severe damage to the nervous system, liver and kidney to name a few. Being exposed to these harmful chemicals that we release into the water can cause cancer, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, hookworm typhoid and death. Not one of us can live without water and our lives began to end the day we became silent about things that matter.